In summer, outdoor cooking is king — and it lets you eat like one

By Pam George  |  Photograph by Scott Nathan
From the July 2017 issue

feature-bbq Grill it, Smoke it, Love it! - Delaware Beach LifeIt doesn’t matter whether you’re taking an evening stroll down Pilottown Road in Lewes or Bunting Avenue in Fenwick Island, you’ll likely find the same tantalizing aroma wafting onto the sidewalk.

Nose tilted toward the sky, you can picture juicy steaks, their ivory frill of fat curling above the flames. You can also see plump burgers sizzling over ashy briquettes. The telltale plume of scented smoke gives it all away.

Grilling is a tradition in summer, but it’s particularly appealing at the beach, where residents and renters want to be outside whenever possible. But in coastal Sussex, barbecuing has different meanings.

To the backyard grill masters, it involves cooking food over a source of heat, such as charcoal; flip the burger a few times and you’re done. To others, it means cooking meat for a long period of time at a low temperature.

Since July is at the center of the holy trinity of holidays, we take a look at both methods and offer some tips from area experts and aficionados

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