From his teenage years on, catching a wave was more than just a thrill for Gary Revel

By Lynn R. Parks  |  Photograph by Nick Gruber
From the August 2017 issue

feature-garyrevel Surfing for Life - Delaware Beach LifeWhen a heart attack brought that to a halt, he had to heal to surf again. But in healing, he had to share his story about being beckoned by death.

A couple years ago, Gary Revel and his son Michael loaded up their surfboards and headed from their home near Ocean View to Assateague Island, south of Ocean City, Md. Gary, who in his teens and 20s was considered by many to be the best surfer in coastal Delaware, hadn’t been out on the water in a while. But Michael had a new board and was eager to try it.

“I’d been promising Michael all summer that I’d go out with him,” says Gary. “Reports were that the waves were small and gentle that day, a good day to get back into things.”

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