New Lewes Historical Society museum explores the town’s past as it makes the most of ample space for artifact archives

By Lynn R. Parks | Photograph by Scott Nathan
From the September 2017 issue

FeatureLewesMuseum Accessible History - Delaware Beach LifeIt wasn’t long ago — just a couple of months, in fact — that people who wanted information from the archives at the Lewes Historical Society might have had trouble getting it.

“Someone might have come in and wanted to read a paper, or look at an artifact or a photograph,” says Mike DiPaolo, the historical society’s executive director. “And I would have had to say, ‘Yes, we have that. But it’s at another site.’ Or, ‘It’s on that high shelf up there, behind four other boxes.’”

But that situation has changed. With the opening of the new Lewes History Museum, the organization has plenty of space to hold all of its archived items, which are now easily accessible.

“To have this much space is really a luxury,” DiPaolo says. “Our collection will be much better managed and it will be so much more efficient and easier to do what we have to do.”

The museum is located in the city’s new 14,000-square-foot Margaret H. Rollins Community Center, the former Lewes Public Library building. It opened in July after a $3 million renovation project.

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