Getting the best shots of surfers means getting close to the action — and sometimes dodging it. But that hasn’t deterred Lewes-area photographer Nick Gruber from taking the plunge, regardless of the season or conditions.

By Pam George  |  Photograph by Nick Gruber
From the September 2017 issue

PhotoEssayGruber3 In the Tube - Delaware Beach LifeIn Nick Gruber’s world, getting clipped by a surfboard or smacked by a wave is just another day in paradise — even when he’s not surfing. Gruber is a cinematographer/photographer who captures surfers and skimboarders in action.

Doing it right comes with some risk. “The goal is not to get hit, but you have to get as close as you can,” he explains. “You need to make eye contact with them, and make sure they have control over their board.” In other words, he has to trust that they won’t plow into him as he treads water nearby.

Gruber, who grew up just outside of Baltimore, was around 7 years old when he started surfing and skimboarding with his father on the Delaware coast. He became interested in film and photography in middle school when his grandfather gave him a VHS video camera. “I started shooting everything I could,” he recalls.

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