Money was scarce, times were tough, but Dick and Anne Lynam savor memories of their — and the town’s — formative years

By Chris Beakey
From the September 2017 issue

LookBackLynams A Look Back: Growing Up in Old Rehoboth - Delaware Beach LifeLike many people who visit or live in coastal Delaware, Dick and Anne Lynam appreciate the area’s modern amenities.

Yet the longtime Rehoboth residents are happy to share memories of earlier days, when tourist accommodations were likely to be rooming houses adjacent to unpaved roads, and when most residents worked long hours to afford the necessities of daily life.

One symbol of that hard work endures today in the royal blue Lynam’s Beach Service umbrellas and chairs that are rented from tidy sheds adjacent to the Rehoboth boardwalk.

The business was founded by Dick’s family before World War II, one of many enterprises he and Anne each became part of when their respective families moved to the area in the 1930s.

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