Wine experts offer tips for bringing good cheer to your gatherings

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From the Holiday 2018 issue


For many people, choosing a menu for a holiday gathering is easy. Most families have a list of traditional dishes. If home cooks decide to go rogue, they can find recipes on websites and in magazines. Selecting the libations, however, can be challenging. Do you serve only white wine with turkey? Is sparkling wine as good as Champagne? Fortunately, coastal Delaware has plenty of experts willing to share some tips.

For the main events

Turkey is the star of most Thanksgiving feasts. While it’s true that white wines complement poultry, some grape varietals can’t stand up to such standard sides as herby sausage stuffing, candied yams with gooey marshmallows, tart cranberry sauce and peppery giblet gravy.

Gewurztraminer, however, is one white that’s up to the task. It’s become so popular at Thanksgiving that it’s known as “the turkey wine.”

“I think it’s a great choice,” says Ray Kurz, who with wife Debbie owns Cuvee Ray Wine Bar & Restaurant in Rehoboth Beach. “I just all-around love it.”

In German, “gewurtz” means spice, while “traminer” is the grape. Expect hints of citrus, honeysuckle and fruit, all of which complement a turkey dinner with all the trimmings. Kurz recommends Trimbach gewurztraminer. “It’s readily available, and it goes well with a lot of different kinds of foods,” he says.


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