Rehoboth Art League invites patrons to ‘adopt’ works that need conservation

By Lynn R. Parks | Photographs by Carolyn Watson
From the May 2019 issue


Not every work of art, no matter how appealing, can become part of the permanent collection at the Reho­both Art League. Each year, the organization acquires only about a dozen pieces, the culmination of an accession process that includes review by the RAL collections committee and a vote by the board of directors.


The committee evaluates artwork based on quality as well as historical significance, says Executive Director Sara Ganter. Each accepted artwork has to have been produced by a coastal Sussex artist or someone with a connection to the art league.

The 81-year-old organization owns about 800 items. They include paintings, sketches and etchings; archival material such as board minutes and programs for the art league’s seven-decade-old Cottage Tour of Arts; a “teaching collection” of artworks used to instruct students about technique; and antiquities that are on display in the Homestead, the 18th-century house at the heart of the league’s Henlopen Acres campus.

“Our mission is to teach, inspire and conserve,” Ganter says. “Our collection is part of our conservation effort.”


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