My zig-zag journey to homeowner happiness

By Fay Jacobs | Illustration by Rob Waters
From the October 2019 issue


It’s the annual real estate issue of Delaware Beach Life and as I am aging gracelessly, I’ve had, gulp, seven decades of experience with real estate. I came from a New York City apartment and moved to a variety of city and suburban townhouses and homes. Over my quarter century on the Delaware coast I have lived in almost every type of shelter known to mortgage companies.



I started out on a boat in Rehoboth Bay, docked in Dewey. It was so long ago, we ran an actual landline phone down the dock. We were young, didn’t wear enough SPF sunscreen and it was fun for weekends while we worked and had a real house near Baltimore.

That first summer, we purchased a three-bedroom condo at 7 Maryland Ave., steps to the boardwalk. We rented it out in the “season” while we stayed on the boat. Thanks to the 1995 real estate recession, we bought the place for a song (“Those were the days my friend”) and we could cover our entire condo mortgage and expenses with rental income. Now the song is Brenda Lee’s “I’m sorry, so sorry.”


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