Meet Bob, the well-traveled supersized bovine who found a home near Dagsboro

By Bill Newcott
From the Holiday 2019 issue


Something about tourist towns seems to inspire the oddest of oddball business attractions.

When I lived in L.A., my favorite doughnut shop was in the shape of a giant doughnut. In Florida I entered an alligator farm by walking into the mouth of an enormous ’gator. Atlantic City has the legendary Lucy, a six-story landmark in the shape of an elephant.

For a while I thought coastal Delaware might be an exception. Sure, there’s the flying white baby grand piano atop the Keyboard America sign along Coastal Highway. And the retired crop-dusting plane posted above Midway Speedway. And then there’s that swooping Huey helicopter behind the fence of Bethany Beach’s National Guard training site. (Here’s a joke I just made up: Heading north from Bethany you can visit Huey, Dewey, and Louie’s Pizza.)



But those things aren’t ginormous versions of something — they’re totally life-sized. Overall, our neck of the woods seemed to have avoided that traditional tourist trap bigger-is-better mentality.

Then I met Bob the Bull.

You can’t miss Bob. He’s a roughly 15-foot-high, 20-foot-long black fiberglass bull. If Bob’s sheer size won’t stop you, his attire will: He’s wearing a checkered chef’s hat. And a red napkin tied around his massive neck. And sunglasses.

He sure got my attention. One look at Bob and I veered off Armory Road near Dagsboro, my tires crunching into the pebbled parking lot of the Parsons Farms Produce market. I found myself standing feet from the colossal bull’s eye-level snout.

Next to me was a woman in shorts and a “Mamma Mia!” T-shirt. Even through her dark shades, I could see her eyes were wide in amazement.


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