Great Room

Late Bloomer

The Boyds transformed their plain beach bungalow into a home fit for a tour

By Lynn R. Parks | Photographs by Carolyn Watson
From the July 2019 issue

When Jackie and Bob Boyd bought their modular home and had it placed on a lot in Bethany Beach, their only intention was simple: They wanted a place to enjoy weekend getaways from the Washington, D.C., area where they lived and where Bob, a career Marine then stationed at Quantico, worked. What they called the “Beach Box” — from Nanticoke Homes (now Beracah Homes) in Greenwood — was a simple 1,200-square-foot rancher with no real distinguishing characteristics.

More than 30 years later, the now-2,100-square-foot home has become a fun and lively expression of their personalities. Color abounds, from navy blue on the walls of a large guest suite and dark gray (“Steel Wool”) in the master bathroom to gold in a guest bedroom, aka the “Southwest Room.”

Several walls are covered with shiplap siding; the wide horizontal boards are semi-gloss white and the narrow gaps between them are pewter-colored.

The sunroom, an addition to the original house, has windows across the back wall and a remote-controlled gas fireplace in one corner. Sitting on the mantel is an antique olive oil jar — olive green, of course — that Jackie bought at a benefit silent auction.

And maybe the best feature of all: The sunroom and the master bedroom, both painted pewter, open out onto a deck and a small, irregularly shaped saltwater pool, 5 feet at its deepest.

The pool is heated and “we use it every day that we can,” Jackie says. Her preferred way to enjoy it: relaxing with a foam pool noodle in one hand and a martini in the other.


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