An often-told family tale counters the Coast Guard’s 1930s report on a chicken house liquor stash

By Steve and Donna Bunting
From the April 2019 issue


In November 2017, Delaware Beach Life published an article about Prohibition headlined “Bootleggers on the Beach,” which mentioned the Coast Guard discovering “more than 200 sacks of illegal liquor in a chicken house in Bethany.”


Area services and volunteers enable senior citizens to ‘age in place’ — safely, comfortably and where they most want to be

By Lynn R. Parks | Photographs by Carolyn Watson
From the April 2019 issue


Ellen Jinx Jenkins suffered a serious stroke in 2013. While she eventually recovered to the point that she could return to her home, she still had trouble going up and down steps. And difficulty with balance meant that she had a tendency to fall.


Thousands of tulips will brighten Lewes this month as the city celebrates its heritage and the eye-catching arrival of spring

By Jeanne Shook
From the April 2019 issue


The tulip has been celebrated since its origin in the 16th-century Ottoman Empire. Sultans considered this flower a symbol of wealth, sometimes sporting one on their turbans as a sign of prosperity. In the late 1500s, Turkish traders introduced tulips to Holland, where the bulbs were cultivated, and proliferated, in large numbers.