As building heights threatened to rise skyward in Rehoboth, a homeowners group rose to the occasion

By Lynn R. Parks | Photograph by Rob Waters
From the July 2019 issue


At its April meeting, the Rehoboth Beach Planning Commission had as its first order of business a review of preliminary plans for a new hotel, proposed for the south corner of Rehoboth Avenue and the boardwalk. The hotel, dubbed by its developers as the Belhaven, would span the entire block and have about 100 rooms, a restaurant, a pool and a bar.

 During his presentation before the commission, architect Peter Fillat III said the building’s eave line would sit exactly 42 feet above street level. That is the height limit for commercial buildings in the city, according to its zoning code.


’Tis the sweet season for this coastal favorite

By Pam George | Photograph by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
From the July 2019 issue


When Jimmy O’Conor decided to open a business at the beach, he initially had a pit beef restaurant in mind. Considering that he’s from Baltimore, that’s not surprising. Pit beef is to Baltimore what the cheesesteak is to Philly. Charm City, however, is also known for crab cakes, and O’Conor had perfected a recipe. “I’d had it for 25 years but tweaked it here and there,” he says.

Since he wanted to focus on “good, consistent food,” he chose to highlight crab cakes at Woody’s Dewey Beach, which opened in 2009. It was a smart move. On average, he sells 300 a day, and Woody’s consistently racks up accolades on Trip Advisor.


What’s in a street name? History and humanity.

By Bill Newcott | Photograph by Carolyn Newcott
From the July 2019 issue


There are few traffic intersections more frustrating than the one along Route 1, just north of Bethany Beach, where a truly demonic stop light is seemingly calibrated to remain green until your car — well, my car anyway — is within 100 feet or so.

Inevitably that light brings me to a halt — ruining the endorphin rush of a windows-open cruise alongside Delaware Seashore State Park. I sit there and wait … and wait … as one or two cars come dribbling from the cross street with all the urgency of cats looking for a warm spot on a windowsill.