Led by the mid-price home market, the local real estate scene is a picture of sustained health.

By Larry Nagengast | Photographs by Scott Nathan
From the October 2019 issue


After three years of enjoying a steadily rising tide, the coastal Sussex real estate market for 2019 resembles a swimmer treading water.

There’s plenty of market activity, with prices holding steady. Slightly fewer homes were sold in the first half of the year than in the same period in 2018, but they’re selling at about the same pace in some categories — and a bit faster in others — as the year before.


There’s spirited activity in a landmark Ocean View restaurant, which no longer spooks owner Maria Fraser.

By Bill Newcott | Photo-illustration by Bill Newcott and Autumn Grinath
From the October 2019 issue


“Thank goodness they’re friendly,” says Maria Fraser. “They seem playful. They seem happy.”

“They” are also ghosts. Two of them, at least. And they walk the stairs and haunt the halls of Fraser’s atmospheric restaurant, The Cafe on 26, in Ocean View.

“At first I thought I was going crazy,” she recalls. “It was all so … so weird.”



My zig-zag journey to homeowner happiness

By Fay Jacobs | Illustration by Rob Waters
From the October 2019 issue


It’s the annual real estate issue of Delaware Beach Life and as I am aging gracelessly, I’ve had, gulp, seven decades of experience with real estate. I came from a New York City apartment and moved to a variety of city and suburban townhouses and homes. Over my quarter century on the Delaware coast I have lived in almost every type of shelter known to mortgage companies.