Memories of a long-ago bit part prompted this hesitant retiree to step out of his comfort zone and into ‘The Music Man’ audition spotlight

By Don Gerberg | Photographs by Carolyn Watson
From the May 2019 issue


Don Gerberg, a Millsboro retiree with a love of theater but no adult experience on stage, took the bold step of auditioning for, and winning, a role in Clear Space Theatre Company’s production of “The Music Man.” The whole process spanned several months, culminating in 10 performances of the Meredith Willson classic in March. Here is Gerberg’s account of that journey.


An often-told family tale counters the Coast Guard’s 1930s report on a chicken house liquor stash

By Steve and Donna Bunting
From the April 2019 issue


In November 2017, Delaware Beach Life published an article about Prohibition headlined “Bootleggers on the Beach,” which mentioned the Coast Guard discovering “more than 200 sacks of illegal liquor in a chicken house in Bethany.”


Area services and volunteers enable senior citizens to ‘age in place’ — safely, comfortably and where they most want to be

By Lynn R. Parks | Photographs by Carolyn Watson
From the April 2019 issue


Ellen Jinx Jenkins suffered a serious stroke in 2013. While she eventually recovered to the point that she could return to her home, she still had trouble going up and down steps. And difficulty with balance meant that she had a tendency to fall.