Off-season Rehoboth was largely deserted in the early 1970s, but steeped in a warm charm that would draw a Midwestern couple back

By Thomas Hoyer
From the Holiday 2018 issue


March weekends in Rehoboth Beach are brisk. The boardwalk businesses may be mostly shuttered for the off-season, but Rehoboth Avenue’s shops and restaurants tend to be open, and the readily available parking places make them even more attractive.


A Decade of Harmony

By Jeanne Shook  |  Photograph by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
From the Holiday 2018 issue


Since becoming a member of the CAMP Rehoboth Chorus 10 years ago, Sheila Maden can’t stop singing its praises: “I’m reminded of these lines from ‘Cabaret’: ‘What good is sitting alone in your room? Come hear the music play.’ The chorus gets me out of my room into a happy place.” Maden, who leads the tenor section, is one of 24 original choristers.

They may not be as majestic (or attractive) as eagles, but these
carcass-consuming birds provide a valuable service

By Bill Newcott  |  Photograph by Brett Breeding
From the Holiday 2018 issue


What I wanted to see was an eagle.

In the months after I moved to Lewes from Washington, D.C., all I heard about from my new hiking, biking and kayaking friends was that glorious moment when the blue sky is split by the sweeping lines of an American bald eagle. From the heavens it swoops, skimming the water, snagging a wriggling fish and zooming skyward again, like a stealth fighter doing touch-and-goes.