Bethany’s wood-carved Indian is part of a nationwide series of statues honoring Native Americans

By Bill Newcott | Photograph by Keith Misener
From the April 2019 issue


First of all, Peter Wolf Toth wants you to know it’s not a totem pole. That’s not a minor point. For years, whenever I visited friends in Bethany Beach, rather than tell me to turn inland at the intersection of Routes 1 and 26, they’d say, “Turn at the totem pole.”


Annual snow geese migration thrills some, frustrates others

By Kimberly Scott  |  Photograph by Kevin Fleming
From the Holiday 2018 issue


You’re driving down the road on a brisk fall day, and then all of a sudden you see it — a field of white. As you slow down to take a closer look, the field explodes into the sky, a blizzard of beating wings and a symphony of squawking.

The snow geese are back.

Off-season Rehoboth was largely deserted in the early 1970s, but steeped in a warm charm that would draw a Midwestern couple back

By Thomas Hoyer
From the Holiday 2018 issue


March weekends in Rehoboth Beach are brisk. The boardwalk businesses may be mostly shuttered for the off-season, but Rehoboth Avenue’s shops and restaurants tend to be open, and the readily available parking places make them even more attractive.