Commercial and recreational drone use is taking off in coastal Delaware, but public concerns are in the air too

By Larry Nagengast  |  Photograph by TJ Redefer
From the July 2016 issue

drones Our Content - Delaware Beach Life - Results from #75There’s plenty of buzz about drones in coastal Sussex, and not just because the small aircraft give photographers and videographers a new way of looking at their world.

Enthusiasts see the drone — known more formally as a UAV (for unmanned aerial vehicle) — as many things, all of them good: a crucial tool for a new generation of visual artists, a lifesaver for first responders, a timesaver for bridge and building inspectors, the next advance in package delivery and a vital component in a brand-new form of racing.

“The next level is pretty amazing,” says TJ Redefer, owner of Rehoboth Bay Realty and one of the first Realtors in the area to use drones to shoot photos and videos of sale properties.

But the talk about drones isn’t all positive.

At 100 years old, Beebe Healthcare celebrates it past while planning its future

By Pam George

Nurse Checking Young PatientIn 1916, health care in Sussex County was primarily limited to a handful of doctors — most of them in Lewes — as well as druggists and home remedies. The roads were poor, and getting to the 12-bed Milford Emergency Hospital, let alone Delaware Hospital in Wilmington, was an arduous journey. That year, two young doctors made it their mission to bring modern health care to their hometown of Lewes.

Inspired by the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., Dr. James Beebe Sr. and his younger brother, Dr. Richard C. Beebe, opened Beebe Hospital with three beds and an operating room. Both graduates of Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, they moved their office (a wood-frame building) onto land owned by their father, a jack-of-all trades who built a white concrete-block addition to the office, using a machine purchased from Sears & Roebuck. (Many houses on Kings Highway and others near the hospital are made of similar blocks with the distinctive rock-like face.)

One hundred years later, the once-modest institution has blossomed into a community health system with a hospital licensed for 210 beds on the verge of a major expansion, the only nursing school in Delaware directly affiliated with a hospital, a cancer center, four walk-in care sites, and a host of complementary services in more than 30 different locations throughout southern Delaware.

Modern outdoor kitchens take open-air cooking to a whole new level

By Lynn R. Parks

Outdoor Kitchens PictureWhen Fran O’Brien and David Gifford moved from New Jersey to the Rehoboth Beach area, they knew they didn’t want much of a lawn. So when they had their new home designed in the Sawgrass South development, a large portion of the backyard, closest to the house, was set aside for a patio.

And that patio, from the time of its inception, was to be the site of an outdoor cooking and sitting area.

“This is a beach community and we want to be able to be outside and entertain outside as much as possible,” O’Brien explains.

Earlier this spring, their outdoor kitchen was under construction. Gifford, the cook in the family, was eagerly awaiting its completion, including the installation of a gas grill.

“There are just certain things that taste better cooked on the grill: fish, steaks, pork chops, vegetables,” he said then. “Even during the winter, I like to cook outside.”