Americana, Waterfront-Style

Photograph and text by Alissa Rosenstein
From the July 2017 issue

I’ve lived on Long Neck for 12 years. Surrounded by water on three sides — Rehoboth Bay to the north, Indian River Bay to the south, and their meeting point at Massey’s Landing to the east — it provides endless photographic opportunities. In the summer, I go for bike rides almost daily, leisurely riding around the waterfront communities that dot the area, taking in the beauty that Long Neck has to offer.

This photograph was taken during one of those bike rides. This spot is located on the Sunset Strip in the Pot-Nets Seaside community. I love the simple patriotic spirit it conveys. It’s a nice twist on Americana, waterfront-style, with the quiet splendor of the “back bay” as the backdrop.

It’s one of my favorite spots on Long Neck. Here, I watch tides rise and fall, seasons change, native birds fly and feast, sunsets that take my breath away, and nature’s simplicity — and occasional extremes — all with a sense of wonderment and gratitude.