Moment Becomes Memory


Photograph and text by Emma Plowman
From the August 2016 issue

I have been photographing skateboarding for a while, but only recently discovered the excitement of skimboarding. I love the action and the vibrant colors of the ocean and the boards. There’s something so special about capturing the very second a skimboarder lands the trick he’s been working on after many attempts. The moment is so raw and so real, and I can capture the energy just by clicking the shutter at the right time. I’m transforming that very moment into a memory that the athlete will be able to hold onto forever.

In this image, I especially like that you can see skimmer Joe Kramer’s face (not the case in many skimboarding pictures) and you can follow his trail up and off the face of the wave. The sharpness of the image, especially the spray (captured with a 1/2000 of a second shutter speed), really adds to the intensity of the image.

Editor’s note: Skimboarding fans can see more action like this at the Summer Vibes Fest in Dewey Beach, Aug. 6-9. For more info, call 227-7087.