Solitary Sunrise


Photograph and text by Stephanie Seeman
From the May 2015 issue

A passion of mine is to travel at least once a week to a marsh or coastal area to photograph a solitary sunrise. I love to be alone, listening to the sounds of nature as the day unfolds, experiencing the sights, sounds, colors, scents. Every sunrise has its own character, a special magic.  

When I arrived at Pickering Beach on this morning, I spied this solitary tree. It was a distance away so I had to walk fast to get there in time for the special light that occurs immediately before and after the sun meets the horizon. Just as the sun started to appear over the bay, the sky to the south began to take on a lovely pastel palette of sherbet colors, gently surrounding the stark lines of the tree.  

I began snapping away, thinking to myself, “What a fine way to start this day.” It’s that feeling that keeps me coming back for sunrises, summer, winter, spring and fall. It never disappoints.