Sunset Surprise


Photograph and text by Terry Plowman
From the July 2013 issue

Photographers who often shoot sunsets can look at the sky about an hour ahead and tell if it will be a good one. They look for enough clouds to reflect the golden colors of the setting sun, but not so many as to obscure it.

On this day, my son, Ryan, and I kayaked at the James Farm near Bethany Beach under a drab gray sky that was far too overcast to suggest that a photo-worthy sunset was about to occur.

But as we dragged our kayaks to the shore, we turned to see a spectacular shift in the palette. As the clouds suddenly rearranged themselves, a small boy from another kayaking family ran into the shallows to pick up a paddle they had dropped. His silhouette added a nice element to a sunset that surprised all of us lucky enough to witness it.