Waiting for Breakfast


Photograph and text by Ken Arni
From the May 2014 issue

I love to go kayaking early in the morning to watch for wildlife and other opportunities to photograph nature. On this morning, I was paddling to a little island in the bay near Fenwick Island. There was a breeze coming from the east, causing a bit of a rough ride.

So, I went around the west side of the little island to get out of the wind. I nosed the kayak up on the shore and sat quietly, when a little, very young green heron walked out of the weeds and jumped up onto a log on the beach not far from me. Then his siblings followed him, and they all stood together on the log, allowing me to capture this image.

They sat very intently, which made me think they were waiting for something. Soon an adult heron came to a nearby bush and looked at me as if to ask me to go. I pushed off the shore slowly and backed away, thinking that mom was there to serve breakfast.