Welcome Back, Otters

Photograph and text by John Yeatman Jr.
From the April 2019 issue

One day I saw these three otters playing in the shallows of Lingo Creek, so I went back with my camera a few days later and checked where I had last spotted them. I didn’t see them, but I did notice some birds flying around a few hundred yards way, so I set up there to take some shots of egrets, herons, and a couple of bald eagles instead. Before I left, I moved back to my original spot and surveyed the area. The tide was now coming in slowly. I stood there for about 10 minutes when, lo and behold, the otters appeared! Three of them coming home for the night right up the creek and right in front of me! Excited of course, I took some shots, but they kept getting closer and closer, all the while diving down and pulling crabs off the bottom of the creek bed and devouring them whole. What a sight! They even stopped for the group shot here — and I thanked them for that before they swam away.