Q: What is Delaware Beach Life?

A: Delaware Beach Life is the only glossy full-color magazine based in Delaware's coastal area, and the only one focused on the area’s unique surroundings, issues and lifestyle. It is a regional lifestyle magazine, one that defines the culture for those who live it every day — and for those who wish they could. It is independently and locally owned. Eight issues are published each year, from April through the Winter.

Q: What kind of stories does it include?

A: Entertaining features, profiles of interesting people, historical reminiscences, humorous commentaries, in-depth analysis pieces, scenic photographic essays and observational columns, all created with journalistic integrity and local insight. Delaware Beach Life features writing, photography and page design that have won nearly 100 awards since the magazine was launched in 2002.

Q: Who’s publishing it?

A: A team of the best freelance writers, photographers and designers in the area, led by publisher Terry Plowman, a longtime local resident who has worked as a journalist, editor, publications manager, and small-business owner.

Q: Who does it reach?

A: It appeals to the thousands of well-educated readers who are hungry for a high-quality magazine focused on Delaware's coastal areas. Although the magazine has an avid following at the beach, many readers live in the metropolitan areas surrounding Delaware. Delaware Beach Life appeals to the beach's ever-growing population of year-round residents, and to vacationers and part-time residents as well.

Q: How is it distributed?

A: The magazine is available on newsstands and by membership in both the coastal Delaware area and surrounding metropolitan areas at $4.95 a copy, or $24 for a one-year membership (8 issues). This availability to both local and out-of-state readers means that ads are seen by people already in coastal Delaware, as well as potential customers planning their visits to the beach.

Q: Why should I advertise in it?

A: Delaware Beach Life reaches more readers than ANY other publication in the region. It is cost-effective because it appeals to sophisticated, upscale readers who appreciate a high-quality publication focused solely on coastal Delaware. Delaware Beach Life delivers stylish full-color design and quality content created for those who love coastal Delaware, and is produced by people who live there and know it well. For more information on advertising, click here.

Q: How can I buy an ad, a membership or just get more info?

A: Call our main office at (302) 227-9499 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Or click here to contact us.