The Funsters Spice Things Up ... With Curry

By Lynn R. Parks
Photograph by Carolyn Watson
From the June 2024 issue


Members of local rock band The Funsters have been entertaining audiences in coastal Sussex — and throughout the Delmarva Peninsula — for more than three decades. And for the first time, a woman has joined them.

Nancy Curry was invited to become part of the group in January and had her first gig with the group the next month at a private party in Dover.

Lewes Base Ball Club keeps the sport’s vintage hallmarks — and spirit — alive

By Jeanne Shook
Photograph by Scott Nathan
From the June 2024 issue


Rogers “the Rajah” Hornsby, one of baseball’s greatest hitters, once remarked, “People ask me what I do in winter when there’s no baseball. I’ll tell you what I do. I stare out the window and wait for spring.”

For many baseball fans, their love for America’s national pastime borders on obsession. But for a special subset of aficionados and players, the game also provides lessons in history, offering glimpses into the 19th century, particularly the Civil War era when the sport gained in popularity.

For their most adept artisans, these castles are a year-round passion

By Bill Newcott
Photograph by Andy West
From the June 2024 issue


All art is temporary. Mona Lisa’s enigmatic smile will fade, the Sphinx has already lost his nose, half of all sound movies made before 1950 have turned to dust in their film cans.

Still, there is perhaps no art form more fleeting than sand sculpting. Talk about here today, gone tomorrow: From a kid’s impromptu sand bucket castle to a spired fantasy worthy of Disneyland, wind, water, seagulls and plain old gravity will see to it that, perhaps within hours, little trace of the granular creation will be left behind.